Friday, December 30, 2011

How To Choose An Orchid Plant

There are several reasons people buy orchid because orchids have exotic flowers, attractive colors, fragrant (on a specific type). Orchids are widely used as gifts, birthdays, weddings, office decorations, home decor, collector of orchids. Orchid is also a growing requirement of plants differ from plants in general, have a more specific specifications such as the need for sunlight, temperature, wind and water, in order to obtain optimal growth of orchids, buy orchids for it right close to your residence. Why is that? Here are some tips before you buy orchids.

1. Why should a flower shop near the house? The possibility of orchids can more quickly adapt to new places or where you live because it has some similarities such as sunlight, temperature, wind, water and altitude. This effect on plant growth. This factor is often overlooked by buyers, especially orchids for beginners where they buy orchids from places far from their homes. So the orchids you buy does not fit with the environment in which your residence, then you buy orchid experience stress, decreased growth and orchids become worse off. Just be wasting your money in vain.

2. Of age purchasing mature plants ready for flowering
Mature plants more resistant to disease than young seedlings and may further reduce the risk of failure, especially if you are a beginner. You will spend a little more expensive, but you will more quickly get satisfaction than young seedlings.

3. Flowers
Pick flowers that have not bloomed all or some flower buds that have not bloomed. Thus you will enjoy the beauty of flowers from the flower buds to bloom fully.

4. Leaf
Healthy leaves are bright green leaves and fresh, and smooth. This is caused orchids get enough sunlight. leaves not yellow due to excess sunlight. no black spots on the leaves of the former disease and insect marks.

5. Pseudobulbs
Orchid has a pseudobulbs with a variety of sizes elip, lanceolate, compressed, and in particular orchids do not have a bulb but most importantly not mushy bulbs should be sturdy, solid and hard this indicates that the plant in a state of fat where the bulb function as a store of reserve food.

6. Root
No less importantly, root, root crops besides functioning glue on growth media in order not to shake as well as parts of the plant looking for supplies of food, water and nutrients. Choose orchid that has many roots indicate that the orchid is in good health, long tangled roots in the growing medium or potting on a silvery-white stems and roots of the root tip are green and slippery.

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