Friday, January 20, 2012

Largest Orchid In The World

Here it is the heavyweight champion of the world of orchids. This orchid named Grammatophyllum speciosum or are often touted by the name of G. Papuanum which is believed as one of its variants. This plant is widespread from Sumatra, Borneo, Java, to Papua. Therefore, do not be surprised if many of its variants found in plant and floral forms are slightly different. In a mature clump, this plant can reach more than 1 ton of weight and length of flower panicles up to 3 meters with a diameter of about 1.5-2 cm panicle. That is why the flower panicle flowers capable of supporting tens of 7-10 cm in diameter. From shades of the flowers ... the local population is often dubbed as the tiger orchid ... but the term is often confused with relatives, Grammatophyllum scriptum which has a similar style. Therefore, this orchid is popular as well as orchid cane, because the figure of the plant stems that resemble tree trunks sugarcane. Despite the wide spreading of this orchid ... instead faced a serious threat from uncontrolled hunting and habitat destruction. The figure of a very large tree is easily seen by the hunters, even more striking when rates rise. Not to mention the natural breeding habitats by seed is very difficult to reliably because of the slow rate of growth from seed to reach the phase of mature plants ready to bloom. Perhaps it is this which underlies why the orchid has become one of the orchid species are protected.
As a lover of orchids, orchid surely this would be one of "most wanted" in the collection list. In order to hunt wild orchids in their habitat can be controlled, then steps through vegetative and generative culture must be empowered. Moreover, this orchid is known to be very easy to grow from cuttings bulb shoots her. At least, to cultivate them vegetatively or buy orchid seed cane of vegetative propagation (cuttings of shoots from bulb) may be an effort to preserve the natural orchid Indonesia.