Friday, January 6, 2012

Orchids Hybrid (Cymbidium Golden Elf)

Cymbidiums are one of the oldest of domesticated orchids. They have been grown in Southeast Asia and Japan for hundreds of years where the breeding and display of orchids is an art in its own. After the Phalaenopsis, they are the most commonly sold orchids for decorative display in the home.
In nature the species mostly grow as epiphytes (in trees) or as terrestrials (in the ground), but are cultivated primarily in pots as a semi-terrestrial with a medium size or mixed media (half bark and half terrestrial orchid mix). They require more watering than many other orchids except during the winter months. The most important factor for Cymbidiums is the night temperature, especially during the summer months. They prefer temperatures in the 60s, or 15 degrees C, to grow well. The miniatures will tolerate warmer night temperatures better.
Orchids Hybird Cymbidium Golden Elf my collection of flowering in January with five flower stalks, each stalk consisting of 8-13 flowers, smooth fragrant, lemon yellow 6cm-7cm diameter per flower with long flower stems 45cm-50cm.
I think this plant easy to maintain, watering done when the media has dried, the media made ​​of a mixture of charcoal, coconut fiber, fern and wood shavings with the same comparison. Pot is used with a given diameter size of 22cm pot holes around 1-2cm diameter for air circulation and to prevent over water.
Needs sunlight Cymbidium Golden Elf requires 50% sun or half shade. These plants can be stored indoors or outdoors that are important according to the character of these plants. Care Cymbidium click here

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