Friday, December 23, 2011

Orchid Species and Orchid Hybrids

In the market, we can find a variety of orchid that diverse. Lay people often think orchids are the natural results (taken from the forest) are cultivated. In fact, many of the orchids on the market are hybrid orchids, especially orchids cut.

Based on pollination, orchids divided into two, namely orchids species and orchids hybrids. Orchid species are orchids a still pure and untouched by hybridization. Meanwhile, orchid hybrids are from crosses between two different types of orchid species, among which has become a hybrid orchids and orchid species, and between the two hybrid orchid which is a hybrid before.

Orchids species often called nature orchids. even so, we must be careful because not all of nature orchid is an orchid species. In this case the natural pollination process itself often occurs between different species of orchids, especially with the help of insects. Therefore, it could grow orchid hybrid is the result of natural crossing without human assistance (natural hybrid). Thus, the mention of the natural orchid to orchid species can sometimes be wrong and misleading (misleading) because of lack of proper understanding.

Figure Orchid Species and Orchid Hybrids

The era of hybrid orchids started when World War II. At that time, the fans, lovers, collectors and orchids buyers can no longer bring orchid species for sale due to it in the wake of the war. The orchid collectors have difficulty in collecting orchids from countries affected by war. In addition to security that does not support, purchasing power and the economy also declined, and the regulations of the State which has many orchid species not to bring orchids species abroad. Therefore, the lover of orchids began cross breeding various species of orchid to obtain the types of the new orchid.

Recording of the hybrid orchid started to do, including the hybrid orchid biodata, biodata parent, and biodata they cross. The recording was conducted by internationally recognized institutions around the world, namely Holticultural Royal Society, in London, England. Currently estimated that there are more than 60 thousand orchid hybrids. The amount is smaller than the number of orchids that have actually existed as a result not all registered orchid hybrids registered and instituted it. Hybridization and is expected to continue to be made annually not less than 1,000 newly discovered species hybrids.

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