Monday, January 16, 2012

Orchids Species (Cattleya Labiata)

Cattleya Labiata is a species of the genus Cattleya orchids. The original habitat of Catteya Laibata is mountainous in the north of Brazil and usually grow on trees or attached to the rocks below the natural habitat of this plant. The orchid species of plants are often used as a perfect parent. Cattleya Labiata has been used by many Catteya orchidists to produce hybrids that are very beautiful flowers.
Living in epiphytes, such as dendrobium, produce pseudobulbs to store reserves of food and water. Cattleya Labiata flowers have a big flower about 7 inches and scented fragrance. Short stalks produce two to five flowers bloom on each stem. Quite striking flower color ranges from purple to pink to dark red.
In the tropics, species are not referring to the season and marked the growth phase is usually caused by dry and rainy seasons. Cattleya Labiata is very easy to grow and care for her. Cattleya Labiata require dry time to rest after flowering until new shoots grow again. Repotting occasionally done so the new roots grow. Care Cattleya click here


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