Thursday, April 16, 2009

Seeing Why You Should Grow Orchids

Growing and studying orchids will provide you the ultimate horticultural experience and pleasure. Here are some key reasons to start growing orchids now:
  1. Growing orchids is fun!
  2. Orchids are easy to grow.
  3. You can start with beginner orchids that any new comer can be wildly successful with.
  4. Orchids cost less than they ever have, and you can easily select just the right one for you.
  5. No group of flowering plants comes close to the delicious perfumes that orchids emit.
  6. Orchids are available from “box” stores, specialty growers, orchid shows, garden centers, botanical gardens, orchid societies, and mail-order suppliers.
  7. Because of the huge diversity of orchids, you’ll never tire of them.
  8. You’ll meet new friends who are as fanatical about these plants as you are.
  9. Orchids don’t require an expensive green house to grow.
  10. They’ll beautify your home and life.
  11. Orchids can live forever, so as they grow you can divide and multiply them to share with your friends or to trade for other orchids.

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